Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Development Workshops

One-day teaching workshops are being offered in the topics of Plant-based Biofuels: Use of Molecular Biology Techniques and Climate Change and Water. The workshops will take place on April 28th, 2017, and serve to help give educators a better understanding of the topics that are at the vanguard of scientific education.


For information on workshops and how to register, please contact Tiffini R. Johnson (trjohnson@desu.edu), or call (302) 857-6862.

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Presentations from 2015



Bioenergy – Opportunities for a Renewable Future

Daniel Ciolkosz
Penn State Extension
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Increasing student engagement in science through undergraduate research_DSU_4Mar2015

Increasing student engagement in science through undergraduate research

John McDowell
Delaware Technical Community College

Melmaiee_Presentation 3-32015.png

Molecular Biology for Better Feed Stock

Kalpalatha (Latha) Melmaiee
Delaware State University
Center for Interated Biological and Environmental Research(CIBER)
Molecular Genetics and EpiGenomics Laboratory

CIBER Contact Information:

For information on workshops and how to register, please contact Tiffini R. Johnson, trjohnson@desu.edu, or call

(302) 857-6862.




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Ms. Johnson,

I just wanted to call and tell you in PERSON this information, but via email seems to be better for you. In any case, my words are no less sincere. I am writing to thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your knowledge as well as resources with us during last Spring’s Ciber workshop at Del state for teachers. You all involved us with a hands on experiment to extract DNA from strawberries. You gave us FREE kits with supplies we would need to implement the investigation in our own classes. i took both the knowledge and experience I got from your workshop and the resources to share with my students. We all extracted DNA and the students were very engaged and interested. Thank you so much for your generosity because the information and time you spent with us has impacted a lot more people than what you started with. The  faculty and people I met there were so kind and generous too.! I believe in “Trickle Down-Ed-u-nomics” . This is an instance when that took place.

Thank you again for everything.The strawberry DNA extraction kit is SO VALUABLE to me and so was the experience.


Erin Motley

Gunning Bedford Middle