Soil Science Laboratory

Soil Science Laboratory

Dr. Mingxin Guo
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Principal Investigator: Dr. Mingxin Guo

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The Soil Science Laboratory aims to develop and extend best management practices for maximizing agricultural productivity while minimizing adverse environmental impacts through scientific research and training endeavors.

Focal areas of the laboratory are:

  1. Soil conservation and fertility improvement
  2. Value-added reuse of agricultural byproducts
  3. Fate and transport of nutrients and contaminants in agricultural ecosystems
  4. Bioretention for stormwater treatment
  5. Bioenergy, climate change, & sustainability education

Ongoing projects and research activities intend to determine agronomic application rates of lime-stabilized biosolids and poultry litter, to produce, upgrade, and utilize organic waste-derived biochar and pyrolysis bio-oil on farm, to develop biochar-formulated filtration media for treating stormwater, and to train science educators with bioenergy, bioproducts and climate change literacy.

Lab Members

Post-Doctorate and Visiting Scholars:

Namfon Tongtavee

Yufang Shen

Graduate Students:

Guannan Qiu

Amber Still

Yingxin Lin

Melissa Schutte

Pengli Xiao

Yaohong Zhang

Uuganbayar Buyantogtokh

Michael Katz

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Publications (Newest – Oldest)

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Dr. Mingxin Guo

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