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Principal Investigator: Dr. Venugopal ‘Kal’ Kalavacharla

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The long-term goal is to improve legume crops for biotic and abiotic stresses. Currently we are leveraging the plant resources we have in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) to understand the resistance mechanisms exhibited by plants upon inoculation with a rust fungal pathogen called Uromyces appendiculatus.

Our current focus in the lab is the epigenetic analysis of common bean during the active fungal infection stage. We are trying to map DNA- protein interaction sites on the common bean and mung bean genomes through ChIP-sequencing and bioinformatics tools. Additionally we are also looking at epigenetic changes brought by modifications in methylation, histone acetylation, histone deacetylation and small RNAs.

Our 454-sequence analysis contributed a substantial number of common bean sequences to the GenBank public depository. This project also helped us find large number of resistance gene-like sequences (PvRGLs), and Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) in common bean.

U. appendiculatus produces rust-like lesions called urediniospores on the leaf tissue providing rust-like appearance in the field, which may cause up to fifty percent yield loss in common bean. Previously we were able to identify the Ur-3 locus, which is responsible for disease resistance to 44 out of 89 rust races identified in the United States.  

The common bean genotype Sierra posses the Ur-3 locus and shows hypersensitive resistance  (HR) response to rust race 53. We also have three susceptible mutants developed from Sierra by fast neutron bombardment.   We were able to identify deletion region in the mutants that have changes in the Ur-3region of the genome using the Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLPs) technique. 

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MGEL Collaborators

Jyothi Thimmapuram – Bioinformatics Core, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Malay Saha – The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Ardmore, Oklahoma

Muthusamy Manoharan – Department of Agriculture, University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Lab Members



Dr. Antonette Todd

Dr. Mayavan Subramani

Dr. Vasu Ayyappan


Graduate Students:

Ms. Rita K. Hayford

Mr. Rasheed Habib

Ms. Latoya Irvin

Ms. Miranda Penney

Mr. Nyasha Shumbayarerwa


Undergraduate Students:

Ms. Fedrica Williams

Ms. Lily Lofton

Ms. Ayiana James

Ms. Daniela Rivera


Past Members:

Ms. Mariama Brown

Ms. Elizabeth Fiedler

Mr. Isaac Fisher​

Mr. Staffon Nicholas

Ms. Josephine Veeria

Publications (Newest – Oldest)

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Book Chapters​ (Newest – Oldest)

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