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“Indiana Jones and the Sacred Bat: The Challenges of Field Work in Tropical Rainforest”

Dr. Vulinec shares her accounts of some of her many shocks and successes while studying threatened bats species in foreign exotic environments. 

Kevina Vulinec, PhD

Professor, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Delaware State University


“Uncooled Infrared Detectors: The Science and Technology to See the Invisibles”

Dr. Rana explains how he utilizes new advancements in physics tech to discover the unseen.

Mukti Rana, PhD

Chair & Associate Prof., Department of Physics and Engineering

Delaware State University


“Integrating Molecular Marker Mapping with Gene Identification in the Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)”

Dr. Todd discusses the advances her lab has made in molecular marker mapping, and its significance to plant science research.

Antonette Todd, PhD

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Delaware State University


“Forensic Entomology: Insect Evidence Influenced by Environmental Factors”

Dr. Hans speaks to her research on the influence of environmental factors on insect evidence.

Krystal R. Hans, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Delaware State University



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